The Vinegar Works

The Vinegar Works, a puppet show inspired by the art of Edward Gorey

This original staging is a toy theater production of Edward Gorey’s “three volumes of moral instruction,” The Gashlycrumb Tinies, The Insect God, and The West Wing, by Chicago’s own Blair Thomas & Company. Inspired by the same Victorian spirit from which Gorey drew, these miniature paper theater productions faithfully render the macabre delight of these tiny parables.


Click thumbnail to enlarge. Photos by Joe Mazza at Brave Lux.

Creative Team

Adaptor, Director, Designer           Blair Thomas
Scroll, Book and Puppet Design     Lizi Breit
Diorama Design                                Tyler Culligan
Songs by                                               Michael Smith
Audio Recording                                Mark Messing
Ghastleycrumb Tinies Puppet Design     Chris Wooten
Stage Construction and Rigging        John Kupczak
Performed By
Joe Mazza     Master of Ceremonies
Lizi Breit     Puppeteer and Violin
Tyler Culligan Puppeteer and Guitar


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