Blair and the puppeteers of his company lead a variety of workshops at the adult and at the youth and family level. Here are some examples:


Youth and Family Workshops

(limit 25 participants)

The Puppet Tells The Story (2 hour workshop)

This workshop introduces a way to turn a story into a puppet show. Participants write a short picture story that then is translated into 2 dimensional rod�puppets and performed as a puppet skit.��Working in small groups participants work with paper, cardboard, ink markers, sticks and hot glue to create the�puppets and scenery.

Adult Workshops

(limit 16 participants, though auditors welcome)

Object Theater Design (2-3 hour workshop)

This workshop introduces basic practices of object theater in relation to text interpretation. �Participants will explore concrete and abstract metaphors actualized by formal puppets as well as non-anthropomorphized objects. �The work will lead to the foundations of a theatrical language and it’s potential as a dialogue between the human performer and the non-human performing object.

Staging the Theatrical Metaphor (3 hour workshop)

This workshop explores the use of metaphor in the theater through the unique language of the puppet and the object.� In the course of 3 hours participants will take a non-theatrical text, build simple puppets and objects and then discover the relationship between the performer, the object world and the text through theatrical staging.� The work will conclude with a short performance.

Bunraku Puppet Manipulation ( 3-9 contact hours )

This workshop introduces the principals of traditionally Japanese Bunraku doll�technique. Three participants coordinate to manipulate a single puppet as this practice is brought to life. �Also exercises are introduced to explore the rich interaction between the human actor and the animated doll and to explore the integration of spoken text.

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